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Confidence - Strength In One - Humbleness

Is What We Are


Is What We Do

the birth of team sgd

We started our journey together on December 2020, from different states and races we were formed to be the representing DOTA team for Santai.GG community, this team is born from strong friendship , love , confidence  and trust towards each other, as the days and months gone by we start to share the same passion and heart for the game, the love, bond and spirit grew stronger in us, we’ve never been afraid of anyone, coffee in one hand, confidence in the other, that’s how we roll. 

Our Mission

Our goal right now as a team is to strive for better results and perfecting the art of playing in humbleness and confidence. 

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift, that’s why its called present.

santai gaming dota (sgd)

santai x jiggers (sxj)

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