game server developments

this game is hella fun
what if we run our own private server™

game servers
for the community

We play games, we have a laugh we enjoy our time together, when all importance drops after a hard day at work, stress , worries , and troubles.

Most of us relay on games to calm ourselves down and loosen up, making the most out of the happy moments out of a stressful day and that is when we decided to make dedicated servers for the games we play, Made by gamers For gamers.

mmorpg dedicated servers

Ever felt wistful about a certain feeling you had for someone ? about a game ?, fear not because our RPG team has bought it back !! not the feelings for that person but game you have been longing to go back to! from servers to MODS to many types of interesting modes to choose from, what are you waiting for ?! Jump right in !

minecraft dedicated server

Do you remember the first time you discovered about a block game? You decided to try it out and you built your very first dirt house. Then, you stayed in it overnight because you are so afraid of zombies.

You felt so relieved when it was finally day. “I build the house, you go mining” you said to your friend.

Time flows, but we still savour every bittersweet memories, it’s more than just a game about blocks. We all know Minecraft has a very special place in our heart ♥

valheim dedicated server

Vikings? Monsters? Building houses ? You guessed it. It’s Valheim, yes we are hella cool, we play this game and enjoy it so much that we have a team dedicated for it !!! cross your swords, polish them boots because its time for some action!

To join the server, head over to the game and find this server name: Santai.TV
The server is password protected, ask around for the password.

rpg and survival games team


Topek | Selangor

Admin, Game Master


Wan | Kelantan

Admin, Developer


Najmie | Selangor

Game Master


Yen | Kelantan

Game Master

minecraft private server team


Shahrul | Selangor

Admin, Developer